Feb 24

What is better – Draino or Zonk?


I personally prefer Zonk.  It is a liquid, sinks to the blockage, and gives off a slight fizz, making you think that something is happening.

Draino is pure Lye, while Zonk is hydrochloric acid.  Both are highly toxic but work well with organic materials blocking your drains.  ABS pipe, if properly graded, does not form organic blockages, but old galvanized and cast drainpipe do.

The trouble with both types of drain cleaners is that they do such a good job in dissolving organic materials, sometimes it is the organic material (muck) that is keeping the drains from leaking, essentially filling in the corrosion holes in the pipe.  You may find that with either; your kitchen sink drain pours directly into the wall behind the cabinets after use.

Fixing drainage piping behind cabinetry is a skill set all its own.  It usually requires a plumber, cabinet maker, painter, and perhaps a tile guy.

If you do use a drain cleaner, wear a face shield and gloves.  And warn whomever may have to work on your drains that you have used it.  Drain cleaners do not work on toothbrushes, golf balls, baby wipes, stir sticks, or any plastic.


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