Jun 21

I bought a minisplit A/C system on the internet. Will you install it for me?

No.  But I will tell you how to do it with a few simple tools.  First, make sure you have a licensed electrician for the hookup and to run the wires.  Then purchase the tools and supplies you will need.  Start with a vacuum pump, A/C guage set, vacuum gauge calibrated to 500 microns, nitrogen and the regulator to use it, an acetylene torch, silfos, the adaptors for the gauges that fit with the unit you bought, a stem removal tool, stuff to drill a 2″ hole, a level, and all the normal hand tool stuff.

Pick a spot for the condenser where it is above the ground (for condensate ice build up in the wintertime), not pointing at your neighbor’s bedroom window, not where icicles will damage it int he wintertime, or where the ice produced won’t cover your walkway.  Consider a spot where you can grow a green noise barrier around the condenser.  Wires and lines should not bridge high to the building.  Use fortress ducting and a level.  Don’t forget, condensate removal is a prime concern on the inside of the units.

We can do it as well, but for warranty issues, supply chain issues, and material quality issues, we need to supply the units.

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