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Our Services


We offer full residential and commercial plumbing service and repair in the area of Nelson, BC.

Full residential and commercial plumbing in Nelson, BC

  • Service and Repair
  • Drainage and waterline upgrades and replacements
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Hot water tank replacements
  • Residential new construction including underground services for water and sewer
  • Drainage and waterline rough-in
  • Finishing to plumbing fixtures
  • Commercial service and repair to both water and sewer systems
  • Drain camera, auger and locator
  • Equipped to deal with drains as small as 2"



Blocked Drains

If you are on a septic system, most blockages occur on the inlet tee of the septic tank. Dig to the tank lid. There should be an opening above the inlet tee. Open this carefully as the released pressure could cause a geyser, or as it is known in the trade, a "sh_t storm". Locate the inlet tee, and push through a hockey stick. It will be quite apparent if you have cleared the blockage.